bulk seed X-Tender
New from Monosem and Specialty Sales
bulk seed X-Tender side

Monosem 6x2 twin row planter with bulk seed X-Tender


2 ....... 8 ½’ stainless steel X-Tender boxes—bolted construction
Capacity per X-Tender box: 1,800 # x 2 = 3,600 #
12 ..... 2-bushel center-line seed hoppers—capacity 1,000 #
Total capacity = 4,600 #
12 ..... Individual seed cut-offs
12 ..... 4” poly tubes with stiffener ribs to seed hopper
12 ..... Top-mounted removeable lids for 2-bushel hopper
1 ....... Left-hand end-mounted flip up ladder
1 ....... 16” walk board
1 ....... Safety railing
2 ....... Sight glasses
2 ....... Through tubes for loader forks
3 ....... X-Legs for mounting to planter frame



Monosem Single Row Planting Also Available

Monosem Single Row Vacuum Planters give unmatched seed singulation. The patented brass singulator, in conjunction with the stainless steel seed disc, is the industry standard for singulation and accurate seed spacing.

Options available
• Reduced tillage attachments
• Parallel linkage available along with
innovative down pressure systems
• Wide selection of seed discs
• Large selection of closing systems


The original precision vacuum planter.

Also see information here on Monosem NG+ for hemp planting.

Monosem Twin Row Planters
Precision Vacuum Planter

10 - 15% Yield Increase
The Monosem Twin Row Planter system allows for the best, most precise twin row planting. Twin rows canopy quicker to conserve moisture and reduce weed pressure. University Studies have proven that twin row planted peanuts have less tomato spotted wilt virus and higher grades. Yield data indicates a 10-15% yield increase for twin row agriculture as compared to conventional single row farming.

Top Canopy Fruiting
Twin row cotton has an upright, flat topped growth pattern. Fruiting occurs near the top of the canopy, reducing the likelihood of boll rot. Monosem twin row cotton farming also allows the ground to be shaded more quickly than single row cotton, which helps to conserve precious moisture and reduce weed pressure.

Two full rows with large, well filled ears, makes increased yields and profits for twin row corn, compared to single row corn.

Available Models

All Monosem Twin Row Planters (seeder) models are available as a mounted or pull-type model. Row spacing is 30" to 40" with 7-1/2" or 9" between the twin pairs.

Authorized Monosem Dealer
Today Monosem twin row planter sales are better than ever. Specialty Sales Co. is an authorized Monosem dealer with genuine Monosem Planter Parts. You can't find a better place to buy quality, twin row planters and parts. Service on our units and parts is unmatched in the agricultural technology industry.

Other Added Benefits Include
• Promotes vigorous root and plant
• Higher populations than single row
• A wide variety of crops can be
planted twin row
• Better utilization of sun light
• More efficient use of water and
• Increased yields in all soil
• Use the same harvest equipment
for both single and twin rows
• Sync-Row timing gives optimum
spacing between seed.