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Transplanters for Vegetables & Tobacco
Checchi Magli FoxDrive 8 Row Transplanter
FoxDrive Transplanter
Key Advantages
  • Deeper planting. Better Stand. Tighter packing.
  • Cast Iron shoe/sword–lasts longer!
  • Adjustable plant depth control
  • Weight of operator rides on the tool bar and does not affect the planting depth
  • Consistent plant to plant spacing (no skipping /slippage)
  • Our packing wheels pack and our drive wheels drive (separate wheels)
  • 15 finger grippers for greater speed
  • Grippers/packing wheels set plant straight up in the ground
  • Heavy duty 80 roller chain and taller chain allows greater speed.

The most trusted name and market leader in transplanting innovation now offers you the most efficient pocket/finger-type transplanter. How efficient? This piece of equipment can plant up to 4,400 plants per hour, per row! This is the FoxDrive Transplanter. Pictured above planting sweet potatoes in North Carolina, the FoxDrive is completely adjustable to your individual farm conditions. With the FoxDrive you can plant both Bare Root or Plug seedlings. Each row has a parallelogram for constant planting depth. FoxDrive is ideal for transplanting sweet potatoes, tobacco, strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce and broccoli. In fact the FoxDrive is now the number one sweet potato transplanter in the United States! Conversion kits are available for tobacco planting. Contact Specialty Sales Co. today for more information.

Trium 8 Row Carousel Transplanter
Trium Carousel Transplanter

Key Advantages
• Universal drive wheels propel all row units
• Maximizes productivity — 10 cup carousel
• Sets and packs plant straight up
• One person/row – 4,500- 5,500 plants/hour/row
• Parallelogram for constant planting depth
• 20”-35” adjustable row to row spacings
• Plant-to-plant spacings 6”-20” (standard)
• Fully adjustable for your farming conditions

Popular Options
• Adjustable water application (trip)
• Fertilizer (granular) & herbicide application
• 6-sided tray holder & Extra storage racks
• 12 cup carousel
• Skids

Our carousel transplanters are the most efficient on the market today. These transplanters are for plug type seedlings only. Trium faces forward putting operators weight on the toolbar. Productivity is maximized with one person per row design. The Trium model is completely adjustable including front arm, rear kick, planting depth, timing, and much more. Other conveniences include adjustable packing wheels, press wheels, and optional water trip. Units are also available with “No-Till” options as well as Pull-type or 3 point hitch. Trium equipment is ideal for transplanting hemp from which an array of CBD products are manufactured. Tomatoes, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, melons and tobacco are also ideal products planted using this carousel transplanter. Call Specialty Sales Co. today to see why no one sells more transplanters in the United States than Checchi & Magli.

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