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Drum Punch Planter
Plastic Mulch Planter

Patented Technology
The Specialty Sales Co. Drum Punch Plastic Mulch Planter is our very own in-house, patented technology. Drum Punch Planters are proudly designed and manufactured right here in Southwest Georgia. Plastic mulch planters are not the wave of the future. These thru plastic planters have been used in agricultural technology with great success for years. Drum Punch technology leads the pack when it comes to raised bed equipment.

Plasticulture Seed Metering Unit
The Drum Punch Planter uses the best system in plasticulture manufacturing to insure accurate seed placement when utilizing the Monosem seed metering unit. This unit is the most accurate metering system on the market. It singulates all seed for precise seed populations. The seed is ejected just above the seed chute, which carries the seed to the punch for ideal placement depth in the soil below the plastic mulch layer. Then, the water system delivers water directly onto the seed at planting to insure even germination. When you think plasticulture you should seriously consider the Drum Punch planter. Drum Punch Plasticulture systems are also being used successfully for hemp applications as well.

New & Used Raised Bed Equipment Available
Plastic mulch layers are being put to use by modern farmers all over the continental United States and Canada. The Drum Punch is the preferred way to plant. Specialty Sales has both new and used Drum Punch Plastic Mulch Planters for sale. Raised bed equipment, parts and service are also available. Call or email today to buy your new or used unit or to get more information.

• Meter system: Monosem with scraper
• Vacuum system: Monosem vacuum fan
• Hydraulic or PTO
• Pair 4x16 guide wheels
• Pair 4x16 smooth gauge wheels
• Dual toolbar - 5"x5" with cat ii hitch
• Drum width - 10" on single wheel
• or 7" on twin line
• Drum Cleaning Brush
• Reverse scraper for punches
• 80 gallon water tank with switches
• Spring loaded double rib closing wheel
• Punches and seed tubes bolt to drum
• Number of holes in seed disc match number of punches in drum
• Plastic mulch layer


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