Lift N' Til
Tillage System

Easily Adaptable
The Lift N’ Til Tillage System is the answer to many of today’s challenges with soil preparation. A tillage tool should be easily adaptable - from conventional practices, to conservation tillage, zone tillage, total loosening, strip tillage. The Lift N’ Til was designed around these principles.

Customizable By Components
While the tillage environment may change, the sound principles of a complete tillage tool do not. the Lift N’ Til Tillage equipment provides aggressive root zone tillage resulting in a firm, uniform seed bed. This system can be customized for many different tillage applications just by changing a few components, not the entire machine.

Flawless Preparation
The combination of a front mounted coulter, lifter shank, bedder coulters, baskets and leveling doors (with bed shapers) thoroughly prepares the soil for flawless planting, while the adjustable 17 inch wavy bedding coulters form a raised and well pulverized seed bed.

Simple, effective design combined with common sense versatility – that’s the foundation of the Lift N’ Til Tillage System.

New/Used Machines, Parts, & Service
Located in Southwest Georgia, Specialty Sales Co. has both new and used strip tillage equipment for sale for farm customers all over the Southeast and United States. Give us a call or email for more information.