Close Row Cultivator

Precise Cultivation
The Specialty Sales vegetable cultivator is a precise piece of cultivating machinery that out-performs most in tight situations. This is a close row cultivator that works well on rows as close as 8 inches. Cultivation speeds are generally 3-4 1/2 miles per hour. Track feet with wedger wings reshape the bed and keep the cultivator on track. Gauge wheels accurately set the operating depth of the sweeps and also help guide the cultivator.

Fully Adjustable
The ripple coulter cultivator cuts any debris so that it does not wrap on the sweep, causing the soil to push. The wedger wings on the track foot push the edges of the bed up and help guide the cultivator. The wavy coulter and flat sweeps are adjustable right or left and up or down on a 2 1/2" sq bar. The gauge wheels are adjustable and control the depth of the sweep bar.

New, Used and Refurbished Units Available
At Specialty Sales Co. we know agriculture technology. We build, modify and stock only the best cultivators and other vegetable equipment for sale in the U.S. New, used and refurbished equipment as well as cultivator parts are available to buy and ship now.

Call today and let us set you up with the best cultivator for the money!


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