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Safeguard Blockage Monitor

Applying liquid fertilizer used to be a pain in the neck. Literally. Not anymore. You no longer have to watch your back for application blockages. Safeguard electronically detects blockages and alerts with an audible alarm and a visual display of the blocked row's number. Reduce over and under-application, save money, and apply liquid fertilizer with confidence without having to watch flow monitors or outlets.

SafeGuard - Simple, Powerful, Trusted Protection

flow monitor

  • Consists of 2088-313-145 electric motor capable of 3.6 gpm flow. 
  • Cab switch to control the electric motor and electric solenoid valve. 
  • The stand is complete with flow control and a pressure gauge and mounts directly to a 5 inch tool bar with a U-bolt. 
  • The red ball monitor consists of 6 tubes which can be plumbed to the stainless steel applicator tube on the row unit. 
  • An in-line meter orifice at the tube controls application rate.
  • Also available with other electric motors and various red ball monitor configurations.

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