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Reddick Lay-by Sprayers

Reddick Lay-by Sprayers Systems

Reddick is known for their precision sprayers that consistently out-perform competitors. The Reddick Lay-by sprayer is developed for late application of contact herbicide when cotton and other crops have reached a mature height.  Individual arm and wheel assemblies follow the contour...

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J&M Gravity Wagons

J&M Gravity Wagons

J&M has been building these sturdy as a tank gravity wagons since way back in 1960. This is harvest equipment made to get you through the worst conditions with ease. J&M Gravity Wagons and Grain Carts are dependable, ready to go, and in stock at Specialty Sales Company. Come by and take a look at the ones we have right here at our main office.


New or Used Farm Equipment For Sale

This is only a brief sample of the large variety of new and used farm equipment that Specialty Sales Co. has for sale. Come by and take a look at everything we have on site. We probably have just the piece of agricultural machinery you need. We keep many Lay-by Sprayers, Rotary Mowers, Gravity Wagons, and Grain Carts in stock and ready to go. Need parts? We offer a complete line of parts for the equipment we sell. Professional service is also available on site. Give us a call or email for the most current list of products. New inventory is added weekly. We look forward to being your go-to source for agricultural equipment sales, parts and reliable service.

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